Easy Beginner Quilt Kits

June 15, 2015

Easy beginner quilt kits in a variety of styles and color. Bring quilting into you home with our beautiful easy to sew kits that are perfect for the new quilter. Simple lines and sewing, and all the kits in this section are ranked for the beginner. All the kits are wonderfully packaged and ready to be mailed to you, so all you have to do is sew and add your desired border.

We do also have pre-cut ready to sew quilt top kits that come with borders and binding, so making your quilt is even easier if that is possible. Be sure and check out all of our possibilities in our online shop at www.quiltkitshop.com



Kitty cats n paws quilt kit, just beautiful and perfect for the cat lovers.



Carnation pathways quilt kit with all the beautiful floral. Perfect for a garden quilt.

 Let's Get Quilting.

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