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Great Quilt Kits for Father’s Day SALE!

Have you taken advantage of our Father’s Day Sale yet? You can save 15% on ANY quilt kit in our online shop for dad! If he sews and quilts and would like to make a quilt, easy! Just pick out the one you think would be his favorite. Oh if dad does not sew or quilt, NO PROBLEM! Pick out the perfect pre-cut quilt kit, wrap it all up, and you can sew and quilt it after you give his the gift on Father’s Day. Be sure and let him know the quilt is going to be completed.  

Save 15%, Yes Please! Be sure and use the coupon code DADS15 on the checkout page. HURRY!!!!!! Coupon expires June 21, 2015 Midnight, PST.

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Let's Get Quilting.

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December 22, 2015

I have to go and see when I started this one borefe I write a true finish post. It had to borefe borefe I started blogging, I know that And yes, it is quite the accomplishment to cross that one off the list!! And the weekend was wonderful! I’m not even sure how to blog about it!

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