FAST PACK Quilt Kits

FAST PACK Quilt Kits

Have you tried one of our FAST PACK Quilt Kits? What is a FAST PACK Quilt Kit? Let’s take a look.

Some people love to just admire quilts and then there are those that love to make quilts. Some of those love to do all the individual piecing; piece by piece, the traditional way. Our FAST PACK Kits lets you by-pass the individual piecing by letting you make the quilt blocks by strip piecing.

Our FAST PACK kits will still have precut fabric, saving you cutting time and buying time. But the precut fabrics are in strips. Our easy to follow instructions lets you make the blocks by sewing strips together and then cutting into the needed size. This method saves a lot of time while making the blocks. The end result is the same, but the time you save can be spend in other ways.

We have a variety of FAST PACK Kits and they are all very easy to stitch together. 


Baby Fonts Double 4 Patch is a cute, pastel tone baby FAST PACK kit. Perfect for the nursery.


Coffee and Cream PAST PACK Kit has nice earthy tones like you might see in your morning cup of coffee. There are various layout options with the dominoes block. 


Furry Friends Green FAST PACK Kit features out of print fabrics by Red Rooster Fabrics. This kit can be made as shown or add more kit to make a larger quilt.

Be sure and check for more new precut quilt kits.

And pick up your FAST PACK Kit today.

Happy quilting to all of our customers.

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