Handmade Quilts for Sale by Quilt Kit Shop

Handmade Quilts for Sale by Quilt Kit Shop

miranca chen9/26/19

Have you seen some of our handmade, finished quilts. Follow me on my journey of handcrafting quilts that I sell on QuiltKitShop.com. Being creative has filled my days and I love sharing these handmade home decor items with you. Yes some do not have the time to quilt so this is a nice shortcut for you. My quilts range from baby to bed sizes and always in a variety of themes. Today I am sharing this outer space design, always a popular theme to choose from. What child would not love to have a space quilt to cuddling up in or play on.

This quilt is filled with planets, stars and moons in colors of blue, red, gold and black. Made from 100 natural cotton ingredients.

I will be adding more quilts to my site as I get them completed. As we all know it does take  a bit of time making a quilt from start to finish.

Hope you stop by and see my other handmade home decor items. I am thrilled to offer you unique handmade products to make your space feel like home.


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