Holstein Cows Big PreCut 12 Block Quilt Kit

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Exclusive We Cut, You Sew Pre-Cut 12 Block Quilt Kit

This is one of the cutest cow quilts I have seen. You can make this darling quilt with our Holstein precut GROW kit. Look at all those adorable faces, Holstein herd along with nice blender prints to complement the cattle. This quilt kit is sure to please boys, girls, ranchers, farmer’s wives, farm animal lovers alike. This is an exclusive pre-cut quilt block kit by Quilt Kit Shop.

Quilt Block Kit Details:

  • Pre-cut fabric pieces for 12 quilt blocks
  • Each block measure 10-1/2 inches, 10 inches finished
  • All 12 blocks together will make a 30 x 40 inch quilt top
  • Simple to follow pattern instructions

Our GROW quilt block kits are versatile. Add more kits to GROW the size of your quilt.

This is a ready to sew pre-cut quilt block kit!

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