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About Quilt Kit Shop


Featuring unique, one of a kind, exclusive custom pre-cut quilt kits that lie outside the latest everyday trends of the modern quilters.
Every quilt kit we design and put together for you to sew is wonderfully done and is an easy-to-sew pre-cut kit. 
We supply the exquisite and hard to find fabrics for your next heirloom quilts.

Owned and operated in America we design and craft our products with the highest quality fabrics available. Our online boutique; QuiltKitShop.com is available to our customers 24 hours a day. Our warehouse is based in beautiful Southern California and we strive to supply our customers with unique, easy to sew and hard to find precut quilt kits, handcrafted quilts and unfinished handmade quilt tops to help you create an heirloom faster. Our studio is always smoke free as is all of our fabrics.  

Quilt Kit Shop started in 2003 selling pre-cut fabric squares, charms as a hobby. Since our first sale we have grown, introducing our exclusive pre-cut quilt kits and opened our online shop. Inspired by the beauty and strength of nature we enjoy creating and putting together our exclusive and authentic pre-cut quilt kits that we design and craft with only high quality cotton fabrics. We are committed to providing exclusive, useful, precision and high quality quilting and sewing products that can be easily made by our customers. You can reach us by filling out our contact form