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How to Calculate Quilt Binding

Most binding stripes used are cut 2-1/4 inch or 2-1/2 inches wide. To calculate how much fabric is needed you need to add up the size of the quilt.

Here is a good formula: Our example uses a quilt that measures 40x50.

  1. Measure length and width: 40+50=90
  2. Times 2, (you have 4 sides): 90x2= 180
  3. Add 10-12 inches (for corner turning and finishing) = 190
  4. Take your answer from #3 and divide by 40 =4.75*
  5. You will need to round up to the next whole number: You need 5 stripes x 2.5” = 12.5”

We divide by 40 because when we sew our binding stripes together you cut off the ends of  the fabric and then we sew them on a diagonal or 90* angle.


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