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Lil Miss Cutie Cats Pink PRE-CUT Quilt Kit Blocks

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Our quilt kit is already precision pre-cut for accuracy. This square around the corner quilt kit has different cat breeds all over a medium pink background dotted with cat paw prints. Some cats sitting, lying with cat food, playing with balls of yarn and playing in flower pots. Some kitty cats are even playing with fish in fish bowls and sleeping in beds. Along with this cute cat print will be cream paw prints on medium pink a pink tonal with red dots and a cream tonal with pink dots. 

Quilt Kit by Quilt Kit Shop. Fabrics by Red Rooster Fabrics.

Each block kit is steam pressed, pre-cut and ready to sew with detailed instructions for 12 (9") finished blocks. We do the block cutting for you.

To make a larger quilt, just purchase multiple kits:

1 Kit = 12 blocks = 3 x 4 block quilt = 27 x 36
2 Kits = 24 blocks = 4 x 6 block quilt = 36 x 54
3 Kits = 36 blocks = 5 x 7 block quilt = 45 x 63
4 Kits = 48 blocks = 6 x 8 block quilt = 54 x 72
5 Kits = 60 blocks = 7 x 8 block quilt = 63 x 72