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Soccer Ball Goal Black PRE-CUT Quilt Kit Blocks

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Our quilt kit is already precision pre-cut for accuracy. Oh for the love of soccer what a great sport or as some call it football. Has black and white soccer balls and soccer shoes, cleats tossed about white goalie nets over a black background, a tan leaf tonal and dotted green tonal. This pre-cut quilt kit is not just for your goalie soccer player but you can make a fantastic quilt for anyone that LOVES soccer or for any soccer fan, soccer player or soccer coach. 

Quilt Kit by Quilt Kit Shop. Fabrics by Blank Quilting, Red Rooster Fabrics, P&B Textiles.

Each block kit is steam pressed, pre-cut and ready to sew with detailed instructions for 12 (10") finished blocks. We do the block cutting for you.

To make a larger quilt, just purchase multiple kits:

1 Kit = 12 blocks = 3 x 4 block quilt = 30 x 40
2 Kits = 24 blocks = 4 x 6 block quilt = 40 x 60
3 Kits = 36 blocks = 5 x 7 block quilt = 50 x 70
4 Kits = 48 blocks = 6 x 8 block quilt = 60 x 80
5 Kits = 60 blocks = 7 x 8 block quilt = 70 x 80